At vCita Psychology, we are dedicated to the well-being of clients. A respectful and comforting connection with clients is so important to the work of a good psychologist. Treatment outcome research shows that the therapeutic relationship is so important in achieving better outcomes from psychological treatments and interventions.

vcita_psychosocial_02At the same time, a professional psychologist will help you develop greater self-awareness and give you constructive strategies for managing and dealing with emotional problems and difficulties. A warm and caring approach helps to create the comforting environment that promotes a sense of hope and improvement in each client’s circumstance.

Psychologists at Psychology Practice Roso Ruoff apply researched and up-to-date psychological treatment to a variety of psychological difficulties and needs.


Appointments are available weekdays as well as Saturdays and some evenings at an extra fee.
If you wish to contact vCita Psychology, you will be guided towards the most appropriate help and you can make an appointment without a GP referral.

We practice in accordance with professional and ethical codes of conduct outlined by the Psychological Society.